Coworking Space Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to know how to move in.2019-11-05T09:20:26+09:00

Visit in advance, conduct a tour with the community manager, and move in after signing the contract.

What is the move out procedure?2020-05-11T02:21:59+09:00

You must tell us your intention to leave a month before your departure. You can leave after following a separate eviction procedure.

I’m curious about the opening and closing times.2019-11-05T09:19:54+09:00

Office use is available 24 hours a day, and community managers are available from 9 to 6pm.

Do you have a separate deposit besides the monthly rental fee.2019-11-05T11:20:04+09:00

We operate a deposit system. You can deposit one month of the contract price in a deposit. The deposit will be refunded in full within 30 days of eviction if there is no particular reason.

When do I pay the usage fee?2019-11-05T11:29:29+09:00

You have to deposit it before the first day of every month.

Can I get a refund if I leave in the middle on my contract?2019-11-05T11:20:32+09:00

You can move in on the first day of every month and leave the on the last day of every month. You can leave after filling out the discharge form, one month before the departure date.

What does membership at ECS 153 Cowowrking Space include?2020-05-11T02:21:02+09:00

High Speed Internet

Full wireless Internet and wired connections are available in every office. Authorized IP addresses for Virtual Private Network (VPN) are available at additional cost.


Personal offices include private desks, chairs, and lockable drawers.

Meeting Room

Once you become a member of the ECS153, you can book any conference room for a maximum 2 hours/day. Reservations can be made anytime, anywhere, via mobile.


You can enjoy fresh fruit water and coffee beans all included.

Print / Copy / Scan

Each zone is equipped with all office equipment. Unlimited printing in black and white is available, color printing is an additional charge.

Elancer’s Personalized Personality Match

We’ll put you in the right position with new skills in the fast-growing and changing IT industry.

Offering only project available at Elancer

For members who become members and use the coaching space, we will provide the requested project first so that they can perform their work quickly without any spaces.

Do all of your memberships start on the first day of every month?2019-11-05T11:30:54+09:00

All offices are admitted on the first day of each month.

What is the average size of your office?2020-05-11T02:16:44+09:00
ECS 153 office space is uniquely designed and varies depending on the location. Each office provides a spacious room for your team to work comfortably.
How can I print?2019-11-05T11:30:32+09:00

Unlimited printing in black and white is available, color printing is an additional charge.

I’d like to have a Tour, how can I make a reservation?2020-05-11T02:16:08+09:00

If you want to go on a tour, reservations must be made in advance. If you make a reservation, we can help you choose the best office space through advance preparation. To schedule a tour, call 02-545-0042 to apply.

How can I use the space after becoming a member?2020-05-11T02:20:02+09:00

A Private Office

Safeguards allow you to work in a fully secure office space, and access only through pre-certified fingerprints. The exclusive office is equipped with a private office space, desks, chairs, and drawers.


The lounge area is free for all tenants. If you’re tired of working in your office, you can come to the lounge and work freely.

Meeting Room

There is a conference room for 12 people and a meeting room for 7 people. You can use them for free up to 2-3 hours a day. It’s open on a single reservation basis.