Global Network

ECS 153 is a global network of coworking spaces, connecting professionals working all over the world. Joining the ECS153 global network comes    AT ZERO COSTS to coworking spaces, incubators accelerators and community partners.

The goal of ECS153 global network is to allow members of each coworking space to use the partner’s coworking space for free while they travel to the partner’s country on business. Our network will serve as a tool to ease cross-border work and global expansions.

Our members can freely visit any of our partners’ coworking spaces


WORQ Coworking Space wants to change the way people work together – for the better. We aim to create the largest and most productive coworking community by taking care of all your workplace needs and facilitating deeper connection. Every inch of space we design, and every community event curated, has this in mind. We are a hyper-localised business community where freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs converge and collaborate under one roof. WORQ prides itself as a place where productivity is at its utmost, by making it easy for members to enjoy stress-free real estate and opportunities to leverage on a community, to
supercharge each and every coworker in its space and across its networks.



Startdock Coworking Space is the newest partner to ECS 153 Global Network with 3 locations in the Netherlands:
Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Westplein


The Co-working-spaces in Voxeværket Denmark are for the time being around the country approx. in 20 cities.
As an add-on to the seatings from where you can work, Voxeværket also offers free meetingfacilities … including coffee.


The Brick Space is supported by the Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation and operated by the Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP).

The Brick Space is a Business Incubator and Startup Space where innovative new entrepreneurs can be strengthened using technology to ensure quality and competitiveness as well as the creation and development of products using research from the university, as STeP is a gateway to network resources from the government and academic sector.


Mustard Seeds are often used in the context of faith, in that even the smallest beginnings can lead to great accomplishments.

Mustard Seed isn’t just a space and but a group of people dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and creatives find the right connections and platforms to grow and be recognized for their works.


“Vamonos Coworking is a colorful coworking space with private offices, desks, and event space located strategically in central Jakarta.

Comes with a cozy atmosphere and customized workspaces, we are on a mission to help people to work better


“Cabinet Lounge is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs, business and creative people who need a representative office in the heart of the city – for responsible negotiations, meetings and presentations.

We offer furnished working places, complete set of business services, services of secretary, concierge, IT-specialist, Wi-Fi, reception and processing of correspondence, bar and restaurant, the latest business press.

For business meetings and small events in the format of a common table in the Cabinet Lounge, there are meeting rooms from 6 to 15 people. We offer 2 large halls, where you can arrange an event or a conference up to 120 people.

We are located in the heart of Moscow 1 minute away from Lubyanka metro station, just steps away from Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre.”


In the spirit of Kafnu’s brand story, we created an urban village for the new generation of creators in the Songshan district of Taipei City by combining the five essential elements of life: Live, Work, Play , Learn, and Rest. At Kafnu Taipei not only do we provide various working spaces (co-working areas, office pods and meeting rooms), we are also equipped with a recording studio, a photography studio and multi-purpose event spaces to cater to various industry needs; furthermore we also have a restaurant, a gym, capsule pods and number of lounge areas on different floors, allowing our members to focus on their careers in a comfortable environment.

In additions to the diverse hardware facility, Kafnu continues to connect and partner with many industry experts domestically and internationally to help accelerate our members’ growth; and within the facility we are dedicated to building the community with professional seminars, creative workshops, fitness classes and fun social events, to challenge the ordinaries.


L’Atelier (french for “The Workshop”) is a CO-WORKING space, Event Space, and NETWORKING HUB in Gastown, Vancouver (Canada) for creative entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and remote workers.
We provide a comfortable, inspiring, and affordable space for individuals and small businesses to realize their unique projects and connect with a community of likeminded, forward thinking creators. Here are some benefits of joining our space:

Diverse Creative Community:
Most of our members are in design, marketing, PR, ecommerce, animation, UX, writing, content creation, and innovative tech. You’ll be surrounded by cool inspiring people Gastown Vibes Gastown is the most in demand area in Vancouver with very little new real estate inventory. We’re within walking distance from the best coffee shops, lunch spots, and fitness studios. Plus we’re in a beautiful heritage building!
Feel Good Attitude
Everything from our interior design to how we operate is linked to our core value which is to #makeworkfeelbetter. Working from L’Atelier does not feel like work!


► Ubud:
Our coworking hub serves up modern jungle chic, with light-filled rooms and stunning views. Our coliving villas offer serene surrounds and cozy rooms. Once you’ve settled in, there’s a packed schedule of events, talks, meals and adventures with our community.

► Canggu:
Outpost Canggu’s coworking space (designed in collaboration with award-winning architect Alexis Dornier) is a bright, modern space with a Balinese, beach-house vibe. Our coliving is comfortable, convenient and the perfect spot to chill out poolside. Once you’re in the groove, don’t miss our weekly events and workshops to level up your remote experience.


Better Together with Whitespace

Over the years, Whitespace has been the pioneer in redefining business space. Being your preferred serviced and co-working space we constantly strive to offer a one-stop service, ensuring your needs such as mail and call handling services, meeting rooms and conference rooms, virtual office services are all taken care of, all at a fraction of the cost owning and maintaining your own office.

This year, as we strive to up the ante, we aim to do it together with you – coining the term Better Together. Whitespace spearheads a strong community of entrepreneurs to connect great minds like yourself to achieving even better results together.

Give us a ring and find out more about Whitespace and how we can move towards a Better Together.


Are you a freelancer? Thinking of launching a startup with your friends? Or you just don’t like to work from home? Bring out the most of your ideas with us in a uniquely designed, modern environment. You won’t be bored for sure ’cause something is always buzzing here, but you can get off to a quiet corner whenever you like.
Exclusive location in Buda, variable workspaces by day, exciting people who inspire each other: this is Csalogány47, the coworking office. Stop by any time to work or just to chill, you don’t have anything to lose, ’cause the first day at us is for free!


INBOUND” is one of the important key in terms of thinking the global and local business in our future.

INBOUND LEAGUE is a workplace where the real and the latest information and network related to Inbound gather all together.

Also, no matter where you work, INBOUND LEAGUE is a place where foreigners can enjoy.

There is share house for foreigners, Tatami room, Tour sale, Cafe, Bar,moreover, event space.

It is a complex building of workplace where you can get the latest information and network.

You can also meet foreigners and catch the real opinion.

INBOUND LEAGUE is a place with full of chances for global and local thinkers.


By becoming a No63 member with any of the membership plans you will enjoy multiple benefits, services and features that you will have instant access to.

Through No.63 partners you are accessing a wide range of exceptional, efficient and professional solutions for your corporate and personal needs.


At HIBC, We aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for your business.

With people from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects.

We are proud to host unique events for our members that dive deep into the latest social, cultural, technological, and business developments. That way, our community constantly stays informed and at the front of the pack as well as becoming connected with new friends and partners that attend. After all, we’re here to let your empire grow.


Coworking Plus is build as a cooperative. It is the success of our users, that create the success of the house, and by being dynamic and in constant transformation, we secure an environment of creativity and pulsating energy.

Coworking Plus is about creating a working environment, that is inspiring, and where projects and ideas can be fulfilled. An environment that gives big city pulse and makes sure that Odense can get into the creative elite. Feel free to write us if you are interested to be a part of our space


Armazém Cowork is a shared office space where freelancers and businesses find the  ideal conditions to work, in Porto, Portugal.It comes from the rehabilitation of a warehouse with 416 m2, in Paranhos, Porto, which was closed, empty, degraded and long lost its purpose. A “Warehouse of Ideas” was created.

Ottawa’s Newest
Collaborative Office

Networking and collaboration is one of our main objectives here at Head Office. If you aren’t networking as an entrepreneur you are falling behind. We know you have something amazing to offer the world and we want to provide a space that helps you build towards that dream. With endless amenities and the ability to work side-by-side with like-minded individuals, we create a space that is tailored for your success.


InnoHouse was born with passionate and passionate people in business. Our mission is to constantly optimize and deliver streamlined, simple solutions through our low-cost startup support services.

Startup companion and support

We understand how difficult the way you’re going is! So InnoHouse wants to contribute to solve part of your difficulties, with the following support services

  • Shared offices, Private offices, Open desks, Business Registration.
  • Meeting room for rent, Tax, accounting services

Hope you may choose the best service for your business!


“C-Space is a more flexible workspace and a hybrid ecosystem being a hub for human connections and a shaper of modern workers’ lives. Coworking C-Space was founded with the aim of creating free-flowing idea environment that is most suitable not only for work, but also for collaboration and work-life balance as well with its separate rooms, fully functional offices and an incredible open-space.

Coworking helps to break social barriers and interlace individuals, startups and small companies in supportive networks. In turn, it will result in increased productivity leading to new product and project opportunities and increased innovation, work efficiency and collaboration.

The C-Space also provides an opportunity to conduct all-kinds of business meetings in conference rooms with the capacity of up to 14 people, and even an event area for training / seminars / master classes for 80 people.”



InnoWork is a space to inspire, connect and enable people to realize enterprising ideas for sustainable impact. This is a new kind of collaborative shared office space and co-working community for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote employees and workers. Here, Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together.


Stone Soup is located in the commercial and business center of Athens. Its doors first opened in 2014 and since then they provide flexible workspace, amenities for business owners and freelancers, and offer consultancy. Its mission is to create a cozy working environment where everybody can feel at home.

Soup got its name by an old folk story with a deep meaning behind that teaches us how to find happiness in the act of sharing and giving. They believe that it’s always better to work, share, and thrive together.  The roof has amazing views of the Acropolis and mount Lycabettus and offers a beautiful open area for members to unwind, relax, or exercise. Stone Soup also runs a consulting agency.


PÚBLICO has proven that community, flexibility and cost-efficiency can benefit the workplace needs of everyone.

PÚBLICO is reinventing the way people work with uniquely designed spaces and experiences. Its goal is to increase members’ productivity, happiness and success in the workplace.

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O4 Coworking is mainly about an integrated community! O4 selects companies they host very carefully so that they make up a good ecosystem. Thanks to this fact, natural relations are established among the coworkers and companies become partners, customers, investors or mentors for one another.

Even though it is rather unlikely for 80 different companies, they are an extremely close-knit team! In addition to standard components of an office such as adapted space, Wi-Fi, necessary equipment and hectolitres of coffee, you will find a lot of interesting personalities, many events, workshops and educational projects with O!


We are professionals who have a rigorous understanding of the problems faced when establishing a business presence in Europe. Our dedicated team has deep experience, established processes, and connections around the world, that when combined, can jump-start a product when entering the European market. Not to mention our experience and connection in attracting investment.