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4 Ways to Know When You've Outgrown Your Office Space

2020-06-15 13:50
Have You Outgrown Your Office Space? 4 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Office Space

As a successful business owner, a growing business and an expanding team is definitely something to be celebrated, but sometimes this may come at a disadvantage: having to move your office. If your team is slowly outgrowing the space that you’re in, that may result in a cramped office and an unproductive staff. Even though moving can be stressful, expensive, and disruptive to your business, staying in a small office is not a solution. That is why, business owners should know when they are running out of space and it’s time to move somewhere with more breathing room.

Even if you are not yet at this stage, it is better to keep an eye on the following signs that show you that it’s time to expand and look for a new office space.

1. You Have More Employees

According to some research, a successful business will more than likely need to expand by at least 2 new employees every 2 years. If you have more people than you did the year before, then this is a big sign that you are outgrowing your workplace. If the office seemed spacious before, you might find that the more you hire more employees, the tighter it's starting to feel.

Business owners have to plan for how many employees you can fit in your current office without getting too cramped and to provide a comfortable space to fit every single employee. So the longer you stay in one place and the more people you hire, the less space you will have to accommodate them comfortably.

2. No Private Space

With the growth of your business, it is normal to see a reduction in free space in your workplace. If your employees have to share desk space because there isn’t enough space, it’s definitely a sign that it’s time to change offices. Every employee needs its own desk space to be able to feel more productive.

3. Working From Home’ Excuse

You will often hear your employees asking to work from home because of certain reasons such as "stomach flu" or “there’s a parcel coming which has to be signed” whatever excuse it might be, it may be because your employees do not enjoy staying in the crowded office, and likes it better when working from home.

4. Running Out of Storage

One of the main signs that you are outgrowing your office is that you don’t have enough storage space in the office. If you have piles of paperwork lying around or you just don’t have enough space to fit all of your stock, you might want to start thinking about new office spaces.

These are some signs that you should look out for when thinking about whether or not you have outgrown your office. If you are experiencing any of these problems, then it might be time to start thinking about moving into a new office space. A smaller office, can seriously affect the productivity and work quality of your employees, therefore directly affecting your bottom line revenue.


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