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ECS 153 x PÚBLICO Coworking Space (Mexico)

PÚBLICO Coworking Space is the newest partner to ECS 153 Global Network. Located in Mexico City, PÚBLICO is the 1st partner from South America to join ECS 153 Network!

PÚBLICO has proven that community, flexibility, and cost-efficiency can benefit the workplace needs of everyone. It is reinventing the way people work with uniquely designed spaces and experiences. Its goal is to increase members’ productivity, happiness, and success in the workplace. PÚBLICO Coworking Space has 6 beautiful locations placed in strategic areas of Mexico City, Mexico.

1. Coworking Space in Hamburgo26, Juárez

A building with an architectural legacy of more than 80 years. The space has 5 floors of private offices, dedicated desks, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and a rooftop lounge with a breathtaking view of the city. The interior and furniture design was a creative and collaborative process with different artists and designers.

2. Coworking Space in Moliere50, Polanco

At PÚBLICO, in times of uncertainty, companies need more flexibility and agility in their office space, which is why they located one of its spaces in the heart of Polanco that is ideal for businesses. This space has an unbeatable location since it is among the most central neighborhoods of Mexico City. As for transportation, nearby are 2 metro stations, Ecobici and scooter station.

3. Coworking Space in Puebla403, Condesa

This space it is strategically located in the Condesa neighborhood, which is distinguished by its Art Deco-style buildings, as well as by its large number of cafes, bookstores, galleries, boutiques, its cultural offer, and nightlife. Its streets and avenues breathe a relaxed lifestyle where indulgence, coexistence and economic development come together to form one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.

4. Coworking Space in San Miguel Chapultepec

The place where the most creative ideas are developed. PÚBLICO Múzquiz is the union of different creative proposals of design, art, architecture, and gastronomy together with PÚBLICO Comedor Múzquiz, a traditional Mexican food bar. It has a wide variety of coworking spaces, private offices, virtual offices, and professional photography studios. This space offers perfect mobility when you want to take a walk to clear ideas, discover new places, take inspiration from the creative vibe that lives in San Miguel Chapultepec, or use the terrace with a beautiful view and assured comfort.

5. Coworking Space in Lomas de Chapultepec

WHERE THE BIG IDEAS ARISE. A space with private offices, coworking desks, and virtual offices that fuses the building's own Californian architecture and a contemporary vision. All these details were conceived with the aim of creating the perfect atmosphere to generate ideas, develop creative projects, and expand businesses.

6. Coworking Space in Moliere310, Polanco

PUBLIC Moliere 310 is the newest branch of PUBLIC in Polanco, located in one of the best areas of Mexico City. This new location is of great attraction for companies and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for collaboration and growth thanks to its commercial and cultural offerings, which make Polanco one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire city. Moliere 310 is the workspace that suits the needs and the dynamism of all the members of the community. In this new space, there are dedicated desks, private offices, and virtual offices with all the amenities and tools you needed.

PÚBLICO focuses on offering collaborative spaces with incredible design and architecture; safe and innovative but above all inspiring and inclusive.


ECS 153 Coworking Space created a global network of coworking spaces, connecting professionals working all over the world. The partnership program allows members of each coworking space to use the partner’s coworking space for free while they travel to the partner’s country on business. So far, ECS 153 has worldwide partners that can enjoy using offices anywhere in the world.

Our ECS 153 global network is open to all coworking spaces worldwide. Joining the network comes at zero costs to coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators, community partners, etc., and will serve as a tool to ease cross-border work and global expansion.

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