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People of ECS153 - Interview with Mattho

2020-07-22 14:46
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mattho to discuss his experience with ECS153 coworking space and his favorite part of being a member of our space.

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Question #1

ECS153: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Mattho: My name is Mattho, I have been here since January and I am a translator.

Question #2

ECS153: What was your first impression of the ECS153 Coworking Space?
Mattho: I thought it was very cozy and homely, so I really liked the open spaces where you can just use it as if it is your own living room. That’s the kind of vibe I got when I first came here.

Question #3

ECS153: What’i your favorite part of being a member of our coworking space?
Mattho: I like the fact that it’s always open, you can come in any time you please. The atmosphere makes it very easy to talk to other members, so when you go for a coffee, you can have a little chit-chat. Especially at 3 p.m. because then there is tea and cookies. And everybody just suddenly emerges from their offices. Everybody wants some cookies. So then you can have a little chat, which is great!

Question #4

ECS153: Any last words?
Mattho: I have been telling many of my friends to come and try Elancer (ECS153 Coworking Space). Because I get heaps of work done here, and I think it’s a very productive vibe. And I got a really warm welcome! So I think if you just want to give it a go, anybody can pop by and see what it is like!