FREE 1 DAY PASS in ECS153 – What to expect

2021-04-15 13:18

We had a special guest from The Netherlands visiting us last week. She experienced FREE 1 DAY PASS service and we had a short interview with her

#Q: Hi, may you please introduce yourself?

Nayoung: Hi, I am Jeong Nayoung, from The Netherlands. I am working as an actress and also doing my master degree in Korea now.

#Q: Wow, nice to meet you. Why you came to ECS153 Coworking Space in Seoulleung Station?

Nayoung: Ah, I usually go to coffee shop to study and work but these days since Corona is getting worse, sometimes it is hard for me to find a place so my friend suggested me to go to ECS153. I heard that this is a very nice and international friendly coworking space. I saw you guys has FREE 1 DAY PASS so I think “Why not?”. Just experience first then

#Q: oh. So after experience our service, how do you feel?

Nayoung: Oh I like it. The office is very well-organized. Good music, good coffee and cookies. I feel like I can be more productive when I study here. I had a great talk with Mr. Lloyd Park, the owner of ECS153. He is a very nice and supportive person. I think it is a very nice experience for me. If there are any friends looking for their office, I definitely recommend them to try ECS153

Thank you so much Nayoung. We are glad to hear that you had good time with us. Hope to see you soon.