Optimizer of Foreign Language Education

//Optimizer of Foreign Language Education

Optimizer of Foreign Language Education


Optimizer of Foreign Language Education’ Park Jong Heum, Choi Yeong Min representatives

Company name : Later released
Slogan/Motto : Optimizer of Foreign Language Education
Representative : Park Jong Heum, Choi Yeong Min

Business introduction :
Until recently, We were in charge of developing games for domestic and foreign game companies, and I created/opened my own game to carry out game business with publishing companies. For games that are known by their name, I have developed, Nexon « Cart Rider », J2Msoft « Race City » and EA « Pi-Online 3 ».

As I had to communicate with foreign companies during my business, I have used various words/idiom English applications and English related apps to study English directly, if we compare with big promotion , we felt that we couldn’t improve our quality as much as we want.

So, we decided to develop our own technology and create an optimized solution based on our current technology. We are also working on a new team.

Our company is developing an application to memorize various foreign words/idioms. Naturally, the market starts with important English.

As we started our business, we examined various application analysis, customer reviews in some applications, learned stories from customers from all walks of life, and went into designing applications that users need.

We will lead the business with the idea that we can optimize various foreign language education through our technical skills.

The reason why I chose the eLancer Coworking Space as my new nest is because it has better interiors than other well-know coworking spaces or Soho Office. Of course, the offer about the opening event was also a part of the low-cost offer.

Since we are in the early stages of our business, we are going to focus on opening the service rather than on the manner to collaborate with the tenants.

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