‘Patent Report on Hand’ IP Target Co., Ltd. CEO SangDon Ju

//‘Patent Report on Hand’ IP Target Co., Ltd. CEO SangDon Ju

‘Patent Report on Hand’ IP Target Co., Ltd. CEO SangDon Ju

Company Name: IP Target Co., Ltd.
Slogan / MOTO: Patent Report on Hand
CEO: SangDon Ju

We are carrying out projects to provide services by concisely contenting patent reports that anyone can easily see in line with market trends and patent acquisition strategies.

Recently, in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we have gained a good response through technology trends on promising technologies for future technology markets such as drone, smart car and smart health care.

When the company receives a patent infringement warning from someone, it provides contents on initial response strategies, response strategies such as dispute response team, agent selection and budget securing, and consulting related to patents from small businesses to mid-sized companies. We are proceeding.

We are providing free lecture materials and services to start a new personnel company and start-up about “general patent” which seems to be difficult.
For example, we have registered free content on the homepage, such as “How to search the most efficiently by using search keywords and operators essential for patent research. !!” .
In addition, many information related to patents are registered.

In the past, we rented buildings near Teheranro and proceeded with the project. As a small business, there were many things to manage from small to large.

In the past, I started asking for a homepage production, a program production, etc. through a licensor, so I opened up a coworking space and got my existing office together and opened at the same time.

I can spend less time on things that I have managed a lot and spend more time in my work, helping me a lot in time, spacious and clean space, meeting in a spacious meeting room, It will be a lot.

I think that the job that our company is doing is aimed at companies, and I think that there will be more opportunity to work with companies of various industries.

I think it will be a good opportunity for those who start a new business in the Embassy Coaching Working Space to help make IR materials together with patent reports.


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