Mobile professional development company “Spaceplay.”

//Mobile professional development company “Spaceplay.”

Mobile professional development company “Spaceplay.”

Name: Spaceplay

Slogan / Motto: It’s a programmer who understands the customer.

CEO: Won Jong Kim


It is not a start-up, but it is a freelance organization operated as a business.

Although it is small in size, it is a corporate space play that works with a big dream.


I have long been involved in project development with a licensor, and I am currently working on the project.

The project under development is a large-scale project of L company, which is a big company.
In the meantime, we have been developing in the office of L company and the office of licensor in the form of semi-residence, and it is possible to move into a good condition.

Of course, if you reside in your company during the project, you may feel a little bit of office cost, but after a few projects are finished, you can make a new project and make a bold decision.



Of course, I thought that it was an attractive condition to be able to negotiate the period according to the customer’s Changzhou city with the open event and to be able to work with the licensor working space.

I feel like I have been in good condition because I think I will be able to cooperate with various people who have moved into the coworking space by developing enterprise solutions in the future.

Also, if you rent an office and work, your deposit will be borne by you. In addition, there were many times that I needed to invest time in using the office and managing the printer, installing the printer, managing the toner, buying the toner, drinking the beverage, and managing the office but this was all solved, I am able to solve the problem in the office instantly and use it very conveniently.

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